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Golf Club Spinefinder finds the spine of any golf shaft - WITHIN A MATTER OF SECONDS !
Our spinefinder reveals the hidden spine of any golf shaft so it can be set into the clubhead in the most advantageous position. This produces consistency from a repeatable shaft load and unload. After spining your golf clubs, the length and accuracy of your golf shots will dramatically improve.

Our incomparable Spinefinders are manfactured using highest quality stainless steel tubing. All our spinefinders come with a welded fin attatched. You may clamp the unit in a vise without damaging the spinefinder itself - ONCE AGAIN A WORLD FIRST. Yes - we only use world class quality shielded bearings which are incredibly sensitive - of course these amazing bearings are lubricated for life.

O.E.M's do not align the spines in their clubs. Shaft manufacturers paint on graphics irrespective of the spines position. The worlds top players have been spining for years so why don't you. Owning a spinefinder is essential for any serious golfer. We believe our engineers have produced the best !

Golf Club Shaft Spinefinder With Welded Fin For Use In A Vise ! Golf Club Shaft Spinefinder Comes With Protective End Caps For Safe Storage And Is Guaranteed For Life !
Fig 1: Stainless Steel Spinefinder. Incorporating a unique extra welded fin for use with a vise !
Fig 2: NOTE: We now use sensitive shielded bearings not sealed bearings as used in the video !
Fig 3: You'd expect the worlds best spinefinder to be guaranteed wouldn't you ? IT IS FOR LIFE !