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Golf Club Regripper MK2 - Golf Club Regripping With Air Made Easy With Our Award Winning Tool !
Change your golf club grips without using tape or chemicals - which means no mess and no fuss. Save yourself $$$$ by doing it yourself - change a full set of golf grips within a matter of minutes. No more waiting for chemicals to dry - now you can start playing golf immediately after regripping.

The 3 custom machined durable injectors easily penetrate the vent hole of any sized grip, pushing through old tape without damaging the existing grip. The debris shield and 2 safety sleeves press into the golf grip creating a seal against back pressure, which prevents your golf grips ballooning.

Your new grip glides on to the club shaft on a cushion of air making it really simple to reposition. Use golf regripper on any sized grip with all brands of workshop compressor with as little as 55 psi. Awarded the recognized ISO 9001:2000 certificate - Golf Regripper has also featured in Golf Digest.

Our Golf Regrip Air Tool In Action - Change Your Golf Grips In Minutes !
Fig 1: Golf club regripper up close. Precision ISO quality golf regripping tool. Safe & reliable !
Fig 2: Regripper tool video demonstration. NOTE: You now receive our award winning MK2 version !
Fig 3: Save money $$$. This remarkable airtool pays for itself after regripping a full set 3 times !